13 Sep 2020

Mental Health – Peace During Stress

The dictionary defines stress as "physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension." Some stress is necessary and even good—such as the physical strain we put on our muscles to make them stronger. But when we talk about "stress," we are usually referring to excessive or negative mental or emotional strain or tension. While "stress" is not specifically mentioned in the Bible, Scripture does speak to things such as anxiety, worry, and trouble—things we often associate with stress Wanted to share a story about a person X, who looks and compares with others and gets stressed. The Person looks at his children and their needs which he / she can’t meet and gets stressed. The Person looks at his provision and thinks about the future ...
06 Sep 2020

Mental Health – Being Still in Anxiety

Being Still When Anxious Before, I begin with my sermon, I would like to share a short testimonial of a Christian person who faced severe anxiety Testimonial “I’ve always considered myself to be a person who handles stress pretty well. I like to be busy. I enjoy taking risks. I never thought anxiety was my … Continue reading →Mental Health – Being Still in Anxiety
30 Aug 2020

Mental Health – Depression & Restoration

We rub shoulders every day with people who are desperate, hurting, and lonely. To be honest, many days, we might be those people, the desperate, the hurting, the lonely. The Series on Mental Health is being discussed during this season to HELP us (Maybe we need it) and to equip us (Maybe others need it) For those afflicted with depression, please understand you are not alone in how you feel. A sad truth is that many Christians suffer from depression and, either do not know it (they are miserable but do not know why) or cannot admit it because they think that it could be a spiritual problem. So, they suffer in silence hoping and praying for deliverance; but the consequences of doing nothing often ...
23 Aug 2020

Mental Health – Emotional Wellbeing

This pandemic has exposed our mental state or emotional state. We are stuck in our homes. There is no way we can take a chance to go out for a breather. There are times when our family members are sick, and we are unable to help them as we could have in a normal circumstance. These are times when all kinds of emotions come out. We become frustrated, anxious, stressed out, fear grips us about our future, Joblessness or pay cuts make us vulnerable to depression. Also, being a Christian adds into the pressure that we cannot behave in a certain manner because we know Jesus. As subtle this thought looks, so is the consequence of it. We have certain burnout symptoms, which ...
05 Apr 2020

Overcoming – FEAR

The bible talks about “Fear” more than 500+ times and “Fear Not”, some believe it’s mentioned 365 times in the bible and could be used for 365 Days . Two explorers were on a jungle safari when suddenly a ferocious lion jumped in front of them. “Keep calm FEAR NOT” the first explorer whispered. “Remember what we read in that book on wild animals? If you stand perfectly still and look the lion in the eye, he will turn and run.” “Sure,” replied his companion. “You’ve read the book, and I’ve read the book. But has the lion read the book?” We are all like the second explorer .We all Fear about something but God says Fear Not and we need to overcome this fear. ...
29 Mar 2020

Being Sheep

Being Sheep, or rearing sheep Peter was Jesus' disciple. He was getting to know him. He was in a state of repentance and at the same time filled with passion. He had denied Jesus 3 times. Hence, he was all the more eager to spread the message of truth. We'll look at the conversation that Peter and Jesus had. We are also very similar to Peter. We love Jesus. We are getting to know him. We are repenting for our iniquities just like Peter. Now imagine this conversation between you and Jesus. John 21: 15 - 15 When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?” “Yes, Lord,” he said, “you know that I love ...
22 Mar 2020

Hope , Affliction & Prayer

Romans 12:12 12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Hope, Affliction and Prayer Paul the author, is writing this letter to the people of Rome, predominantly Gentile. Most likely the place where it is written is Corinth. Themes that emerge from this book are (a)Basic Gospel (b)God’s plan of salvation, (c)Jew and Gentile alike. Let’s look at the specific verse in Romans 12:12 12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. He wants us to be rejoicing in Hope and be patient when we face tribulation and be constant / or be faithful in prayer. Let us divide the verse in 3 parts, and see what God is speaking to us this day. Be Joyful in Hope Romans 5:2-5 3 Not only so, but we[c] also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces ...
15 Mar 2020

Fear Faith and Me

Fear Faith and Me Amidst all the news of Corona Virus, also known as Covid – 19, we are here today. Really appreciate us. While I was preparing this message, I was reminded of Noah and His Ark. Imagine just like this virus, the whole Earth was filled with water. In the news you could only see, one country being affected, then it comes to the other, and in this manner, it comes to us. Probably, Noah is blaring out his voice saying believe and come into the Ark. I am sure, the reactions of people those times would have been very similar like today. Creating memes, showing extreme confidence that it would not affect me, it’s only hyped or on the other hand ...
08 Mar 2020

What is Grace?

GRACE What is grace   The word grace in English means “smooth”, “pleasing” or “good will” Usage of word grace in English is as follows She handles her problems with grace and dignity He has shown remarkable grace during this crisis The above grace is a product of human goodness or of human spirit. The original word “grace” taken from French mean “favor” In the bible “grace” however means the goodness that comes from God’s Spirit “favor for undeserved”, “unworked for favour” or “unmerited favor”  from God to mankind.   What is the source of grace Source of grace is Jesus Christ : John1:16&17 – Out of his fullness we have all received grace. For the law was given through Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. Grace ...
01 Mar 2020

Who is the Greatest?

We all want to be the Greatest and the Best. As Professionals, we all strive to be the greatest and best at our workplace, at our home and even in the Church. I still remember we used to have a KRA rating, in which we used to have rating for CE, ME , NME, OUT. It was given to all the individuals to rate themselves. Guess what each one may have rated “CE”. Everyone rates themselves as CE.. As the greatest in the team. When we want to buy a product online , we buy the best product . We check reviews, cost, and so on. We don’t buy a product which is second best, we buy that, which is best , or good. In ...