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14 Jul 2018

Rightful Living for Christ

The Bible says in Ephesians 2:8, For by Grace you have been saved, through Faith – and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. This saving faith is not coming by our works, but is given to the chosen ones as a gift from God. And it is written as to fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our Faith. [Heb 12:2] Now faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. [Rom 10:17] Here we observe that faith doesn’t come within ourselves, but from above. A man cannot receive anything except what is given to him from Heaven [John 3:27].

By the Grace of God, we all are saved and will have eternal life. And also that the faith we received is given to each one of us same portion equally, neither more to some nor less to someone else. The Bible mentions this in Romans 12:3, “Do not think or boast of ourselves more highly than we really are, but think of ourselves honestly in accordance with “THE” measure of faith God has given us. God has blessed each one of us with the same amount of Faith. What a Gracious God!

But did we ever thought, what should we do with the Faith we received? As each one of us has one body with different body parts which in turn has different functions to perform. Likewise each one have different roles to perform in the body of Christ with “THE” measure of faith we have received. According to the God’s grace we are blessed with different gifts, these gifts given by the spirit for the purpose of ministry. Gifts are supernatural abilities, above and beyond our natural talent.

 If our gift is in prophesying, let us use it in proportion to our faith; If our gift is in serving, let us serve; if our gift is in teaching, then let us teach; if our gift is in encouraging, let us encourage; if our gift is in contributing to the needs of others, let us give generously; if our gift is in leadership, let us govern diligently; if our gift is in showing mercy, let us do it cheerfully [Rom 12:6-8]. No matter how we are using our gift, we should serve the ultimate purpose of strengthening the body of Christ. In following this rightful practice of living will not only bring Glory to our Father, but also help us to build in each one of us in His given Faith.

Finally, there has to be a harmony between our understanding of spiritual gifts and the God’s desired will and purpose of our lives. Every perspective of our life should express our sincere commitment to God. Worshiping God is not not only inward and spiritual; it must encompass outward acts of selfless service. Primarily we should not forget that it was God who has given us, and by rightful living we are reminding ourselves of His Wonderful Blessings! We worshiping in front of the Cross is the big picture to help us remember our Gracious God.

Jairaj Lawrence is a member of the New Hope Community, a civil engineer by profession who loves to read and travel. He’s married to Snehal.