Virjil Selvan

“Virjil is a bivocational pastor and leads ‘The New Hope Community’ Church, along with his full time profession as a Software Engineer in a reputed organization. He is married to Sandra, who is a psychologist and works as a counsellor in an International School. They have an energetic daughter Abisha (4.5 years old) and a super active son John (1.5 years old). Virjil also is the dean of the GMI Training Centre, from which, a number of students graduate every year. .

Prior to New Hope Community, Virjil and Sandra worshipped at the Bombay Baptist Church, Colaba for almost seven years. They were excitingly involved in all the activities of the church like Sunday School, Youth group, Social Activity (Coordinating the Street Children’s Ministry), etc. In 2014, the year they were married they were asked to take over the responsibility of the “Gateway Ministries International” Bible College. As they began their new journey, an existing group of professionals gathered in their home for bible discussions, brainstorming on varied topics, and just hanging out. This group has grown and now has become “New Hope Community”.

Their vision is to see “New Hope” come into the city. Virjil is energetic, passionate and enthusiastic about his work as a software engineer. But he is doubly passionate for the expansion of Kingdom of God. Whether its his workplace or Church or family, he believes that he works for the Kingdom of God.”

Brief by Our Cluster Leader for our Church & City 

“We feel that Panvel is again a strategic hub that will connect Mumbai to Pune. The educational institutes, residential complexes and the upcoming airport will transform this place to look like another city. New Hope Community would have the potential not just to be a plant but a base that will cause many plants to arise in and around it. This place and the church seems to be poised for a huge growth in the next 25 years. It exciting to see what God is doing through His Church.”

Joemon Joseph

Joemon Joseph serves as the Senior Pastor of the Bombay Baptist Church and oversees the Gateway Ministries International. He has taken on the leadership of GMI from his mentor, Pst Stanley Mehta. Joemon is married to Sunitha who is a counsellor and works as a consultant at an NGO called Association for Christian Thoughtfulness. They both are passionate about raising leaders for the Kingdom of God. They have 2 sons, Abhishek and Rohan who are 20 and 18; their daughter Keren is 10 years old. 

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